Monday, March 5, 2012

Babies Don't Need Pastels

By now you have probably noticed that I'm not a huge fan of pastels.  I just think that there should be some fun and color in every life!  I'm a huge fan of bold, bright colors and a lot of my designs-both in my personal projects and my business projects-reflect that.

To that end, I just really wanted to show off my newest baby blanket.  I adore it! I made it for a really good friend of mine due with a "mystery" baby next month.  Not knowing the gender makes buying a gift more fun, I think :) I didn't feel locked in to the whole pink vs. blue debate and just got to go crazy!

I just love the look of this style.  It's my newest favorite, and honestly a breeze to make.  If you're interested in making something similar, I found this basic granny square how-to really helpful in making this blanket.  I followed this bloggers directions, changing colors where it suited me.  Instead of stopping after a few rows, though, I just kept growing the square until it was the size of a baby blanket, about 32" x 32", then made a simple single crochet border around the edge.

Anyway, I hope this blanket will be well loved in the future!  Addie got a crochet blankie from a family member when she was a baby and it gets dragged around with her everywhere.  Not all kids do this, I know, but it's a sweet thought to imagine my work being loved by a tiny human.  It's why I got into this biz, after all!

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