Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crochet Legwarmers

The time is finally here! There have been countless times that I have been asked to please create a leg warmer pattern.  Well, I one-upped about two leg warmer patterns?!

That's right...not only did I give you a leg warmer pattern in plenty of time to whip some up to go with those fall dresses...I gave you two different options!  The first is your basic crochet leg warmer pattern for kids.  I love to create this look with stripes and other embellishments to make them fun.  Or, add a little lace to a plain set to spruce them up.  The possibilities are endless!

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The second set, the crochet ruffle legwarmers pattern has also gotten great reviews from my testers.  With a little ruffle on the bottom and a little flower on the top, these are just a great way to make your leg warmers unique!

So, why should you choose CUTEure Creations crochet patterns above others?

First off, I am dedicated to regularly producing new, unique designs for you to crochet. I also get each size of my pattern tested by experienced testers so I know there won't be mistakes once the pattern gets to you.

For sellers, I charge no cottage fee, or selling fee what-so-ever!  I love it when you link back to my shop in your descriptions, but do not require it at all.  In fact, I encourage the selling of work made from my patterns so much, that I even include a suggested retail price to take the guesswork out of it for you!  This keeps the market fair so that we aren't undercutting each other.  It is a disservice to others when we are all unable to charge for our time and creativity when selling our crochet goods.

So, there are my two newest pattern releases for you! Enjoy making your leg warmers! I know Addie will have a few pair for this fall.

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