Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shop CUTEure Locally

Shopping online is great.  I love online shopping.  Still, there is a lot of attention lately to the idea of shopping locally.  After all, when you shop locally, you are supporting your town.  You are creating new jobs and more money to go around.  Not to mention, you can try things on, see how they look!

Another added bonus is if you are shopping with a tight time frame, such as if you are looking for that perfect Valentine's day item.  At this point, some online stores (especially handmade) may not be able to work with that deadline.

There are many fabulous reasons to shop locally when it's possible.  That's why CUTEure Creations has now gone local!  If you live in the Southeast-Texas area and want to find that perfect accessory on a tight deadline, you can find CUTEUre Creations-among many other great artists and crafters-at The Rustic Door in Nederland Texas.

Alas, I only had my cell phone camera
 during set up.
I set up Friday afternoon and love my space!  The only problem I have is that I actually had to bring stuff home because I didn't have room to display it all.  Still, I've put out many flowered hair accessories which will be perfect for spring, in addition to some headbands and clips that might be that finishing touch you need for your Valentine's day photos or day out.

You may be able to also tell from the photos, but Easter is starting to make an appearance! I love, love, love my bunny booties, and these are always a big hit around Easter.  They are the perfect addition to an Easter basket or Easter PJ's.  While they aren't out yet, check back soon for some in bigger sizes as well as slip resistant bottoms!

Also, while I do realize that it's January and almost 80 degrees outside already, you just never know what the weather here will do.  Don't worry if you find the temps dropping again.  You can find a large selection of hats, ear-warmers, and scarves here, too!

Be sure to drop in! I'm sure you'll find something you can't live without.

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